How does Card Razor calculate the value of a particular card?

CardRazor takes into account a lot of factors when calculating the value of various rewards cards. Those include:

While I try to provide the most accurate rewards value for every supported card, valuing card rewards is an estimation, and should be viewed as a guide to help you make decisions. I feel Card Razor is the most accurate guide to credit card rewards available. But there is no "perfect" way to determine exactly the rewards value you will receive, since much of that depends on how you redeem your rewards, and which perks you take advantage of.

The Card Razor Calculator assumes you get average dollar values for points you redeem, and you take advantage of most of the perks of each card.

Do you make any money off this site, or off my data?

No. This site was built as a fun and useful experiment, and at the moment does not produce any revenue whatsoever.

If this site turns out to be wildly popular, I reserve the right to find a way to monetize it in the future. If that should happen, this FAQ will be updated to reflect that change.

Are you selling or sharing any of my data?

Absolutely not. Card Razor takes privacy extremely seriously. I do no not sell, share, give away, or otherwise give access to any information you input on this site to anyone. Period.

How can my rewards card "cost" me money?

When comparing to your current card, Card Razor might say that your current card will actually cost you money.

This can happen if your current card's annual fees add up to more than your rewards value in a given year. In those cases, your current rewards credit card is actually costing you money that year.

Use Card Razor's Calculator to determine if there is a better card for your needs.

Why isn't my credit card included in the list of cards to compare?

I've tried to include many of the most popular rewards credit cards on the market. And I feel I have included the ones that provide the best value to most users. But I'm always looking to expand the list, time-permitting.

If you find this site useful, but there is a particular rewards card you want included, please get in touch! I would love to hear from you. Send me a message on the Contact page with the name of the card you're interested in, and I will try to add it.

Why doesn't this site include feature X, Y, or Z?

At the moment, I'm just trying to gauge interest in this site, and provide the most important functionality for folks to find their best rewards card. I have a ton of ideas for new features, but would love to know what you think.

Is there a killer feature you want to see included? Please let me know! Send me a message on the Contact and tell me what you'd like to see. I appreciate the feedback and will do my best to add it.

Why is the first year so valuable, even if don't use the card at all?

The first year you have a new credit card is more "valuable" than subsequent years because most rewards cards provide lucrative signup bonuses. Many cards also waive their annual fees for the first year. So you might find that a particular card provides a lot of value after 1 year, but might not be such a good deal (or might even cost you you money) after a few years.

Part of the beauty of Card Razor is that it makes it very easy to navigate all that complexity and help you find the perfect card for you, no matter how long you plan to hold onto it.

Just fill out our Spending Quiz, and decide what is most important you. Do you want to sign up for a few cards and rack up as many rewards or cash back bonuses as possible? Or do you want to find a card that will give you the most value over the long haul?

The Card Razor Calculator makes it easy to find a card for either goal. You can always try different time frames by expanding the "Adjust Inputs" button on the Calculator page.

Why does Card Razor recommend different cards to me depending on how long I plan to keep them for?

Cards with better signup bonuses provide more value in the short term, but cards with better spending rewards win in the long term. Think about how long you plan to keep a card. Do you plan to sign up for a lot of cards to get the best signup bonuses? Or do you want to keep a card for the long haul and get a steady stream of good rewards value?

Either way, Card Razor's Spending Quiz will guide you to the best card for you, based on your spending habits and goals.